1.9.0 Brings You Advanced, Free Features and Enhancements

1.9.0 Brings You Advanced, Free Features and Enhancements

Releases / Updates October 23, 2019

New FlexFormz: The “MiniForm”

FlexFormz now includes a 5th type of form, available in your FlexFormz WordPress plugin: the MiniForm, shown above. This simplified form consists of a blank field and a submit button.

Donors simply enter their desired gift amount, click or tap on the Give Now button, and go straight to the credit card lightbox, all without leaving the page! You can add the monthly donation reminder on the second step. This new MiniForm can be deployed anywhere on your website that accepts a shortcode. It’s the most flexible FlexFormz yet!

1908 Flexformz Release1

FlexFormz Now Integrated with MailChimp!

FlexFormz is now integrated with MailChimp®. Simply connect your MailChimp account using your FlexFormz Dashboard and every FlexFormz donor will be added to the MailChimp list that you select. This will include First Name, Last Name, Email, and a Tag for FlexFormz so that you know how they were added to your list. Give it a try now!

FlexFormz Now Includes Address Verification Tool

Download the Smarty Streets Plugin Add-On on the FlexFormz Dashboard (under Settings) if you would like to add an address verification tool to your FlexFormz transactions. Once deployed, the Smarty Streets tool will correct and standardize the address information entered by your donors. There is no additional charge for this plugin. For more information go to https://smartystreets.com/

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