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When you think of a gift catalog, you might think of a cumbersome, shopping cart system with a confusing checkout routine. GiftCatalogz powered by FlexFormz gives you a whole new way to create custom gift catalogs that utilize the very best fundraising practices.

You can now give donors an
easy-to-use gift catalog experience!

3 reasons why the revolutionary, ALL-NEW GiftCatalogz powered by FlexFormz will make your life easier and make it easier for your donors to send more gifts…


It’s incredibly easy for you to use!

Creating gift choices is a breeze, and you can easily implement one of our out-of-the-box gift catalog templates in simply minutes. And it’s already included in the FlexFormz suite at no extra cost!

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It’s so intuitive, it may raise more money to meet more needs than ever before!

Since it’s built around the donor user experience, GiftCatalogz powered by FlexFormz actually lowers form abandonment and increases your net income.


It’s extremely flexible!

Yes, you can quickly use the provided templates, but you can also build your completely customized donor experience any way you want and simply plug in easy-to-use short codes.

How Do I Start

How do I start?

We would love to hear about your needs and the ways FlexFormz could potentially help you further your mission — so you can make an even greater impact.

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