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Easy integration, no technical complications, and low cost!

FlexFormz is an online giving tool built specifically to increase donor conversion. You can easily integrate it within your current WordPress website and your preferred CRM tool.

Trusted to process 177,424 successful donations worldwide.

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We discovered Digizent FlexFormz solution in the 12th hour as we were about to make a key decision between 2 options to improve our online giving platform. It looked like we were headed towards “build our own”. Providentially we saw the demo for FlexFormz, met with Becky and Jim and the decision couldn’t have been easier. Integration went smoothly into our current CRM. Extra things we needed were carefully reviewed, defined and implemented. Their creativity, testing, quality checks, implementation, ongoing support and affordable costs have exceeded our needs and expectations. Their service has been so good we asked them to do our website makeover and look forward to that launch in February. We have no reservations in highly recommending Digizent team and FlexFormz for your digital needs.

– Randy Van Beek, Director of Donor Insights & Analytics

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See an increase in donations

without the technical complications.

Flexformz Donation Platform For nonprofits Check
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Easy to Integrate, Install, & Setup

After your account is setup, you can easily install a WordPress plugin and then completely manage your giving environment with the FlexFormz Dashboard.

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Mobile Friendly

Donation forms automatically adjust to the size of the Mobile screen for convenient, clear, and easy-to-use Mobile giving.

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Increased Online Giving

FlexFormz templates are designed to create a crucial bridge of trust between donors and your organization, leading to a completed donation.

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CRM Optimization

With built-in integrations with DonorDirect, Virtuous, Mindful, Mailchimp, and Luminate, you can implement FlexFormz with minimal impact on your current workflow.

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Tokens for Gift Amounts

Once donors select a donation button, the dollar amount selected is reflected directly on the Give Button, providing further clarity.

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Google Tag Manager Abilities

Track important activity across your online giving environment with the Google Tag Manager field. Add your own ID to send information to Google Analytics for real-time updates and feedback.

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Customizable Configurations to Match Your Preferences

FlexFormz Templates are easily customizable to fit your communication needs. Add buttons, create a seamless checkout process, and…

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Email Opt-ins Capabilities

A configuration for email opt-ins allows you to collect donor emails, creating vital opportunities for further communication. For compliance, donors need to mark the box themselves.

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Facebook Pixel Tracking

Easily introduce your Facebook Pixel ID and track all activity that comes from Facebook posts to FlexFormz Donation Forms, giving you direct access to conversion rates.

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Optional reCAPTCHA

If 50 failed transactions occur in sequence, FlexFormz automatically activates reCAPTCHA to help safeguard your organization from spam and malignant attacks.

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Dual Factor Identification

A 3D Secure standard (often known by its branded names like American Express SafeKey, Visa Secure, and Mastercard Identity Check), offered through Stripe, provides added security to online payments via a dual factor identification to protects against fraud.

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FlexFormz Dashboard

Your FlexFormz Dashboard includes next-generation reporting that is visual, variable, and comprehensive. Your Stripe account gives you individual details – as will your synchronized CRM – and FlexFormz gives you just about every other online report you might want.

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How Do I Start

How do I start?

We would love to hear about your needs and the ways FlexFormz could potentially help you further your mission — so you can make an even greater impact.

FAQ’s about FlexFormz
What is FlexFormz?

FlexFormz is an online giving platform for WordPress sites built specifically for successful online donor giving. With Flexformz, your donors can make a donation on your website with confidence without common obstacles to giving.

Who is FlexFormz for?

FlexFormz is for nonprofits using WordPress.

How do I integrate FlexFormz into my website?

FlexFormz is a fully functional WordPress plugin that integrates with your Stripe or WePay payment processor. Our team will help you quickly set up, configure and launch your giving forms right on your site.

Are there really no recurring fees?

FlexFormz does not charge any set-up or recurring fees because we believe it is a powerful tool to help change lives. There are zero upfront costs, no recurring payments, and no annoying surprising fees. We simply receive a 1% transaction fee on every donation automatically deducted at the time of the donation*. *Stripe or WePay charges separate payment processing fees according to your contract with them.

How does FlexFormz help me further my mission?

FlexFormz is designed to increase online giving by removing common obstacles. The reasons donors abandon cart are primarily due to confusion, over-complicated checkouts, security fears, and simple concerns that can be remedied through our forms.

Why would my nonprofit website benefit from FlexFormz?

FlexFormz is designed to build a relationship of trust between your nonprofit website and the donor. It’s possible you are missing a dozen to even hundreds of donations every month because of obstacles you are unaware of. Yet these obstacles are frequently encountered by donors. FlexFormz is here to remedy these problems and create a beautiful solution: customizable templates that, once implemented, donors can understand, trust, and follow through to a completed donation.

What next step should I take to try out FlexFormz?

Schedule a 5-minute call with us and we can help you set up FlexFormz for your specific needs.

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