Monthly Donation Reminder

FlexFormz now offers a “Monthly Donation Reminder” feature for all versions of FlexFormz. This feature may be activated in the Frequency setup of the plugin and is optional for each of your forms.

You may remove the initial frequency choice by defaulting the form to one-time and subsequently activating the Monthly Donation Reminder. It will appear on the second step of the form. There is suggested language on the reminder feature, but you may customize the wording if you wish.

You may also use the frequency choices on the first step and use the call-out as a monthly donation reminder on the second step.

The Goal of the Reminder:
To produce more monthly donations for your organization!

*Note: Robust online giving programs often receive 20% of their donations from monthly, recurring gifts.

Full-page and 2-Step Text Placement Options for Mobile Devices

FlexFormz now offers you the ability to choose WHERE you would like your donation form’s descriptive paragraph text to appear on mobile devices: above or below the form.
Our strategic fundraising recommendation? Keep your paragraph text below the form on mobile.

FlexFormz keeps getting better for you!