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Unlock a world of convenience and savings with FlexFormzPay powered by Stax.

If you’re looking to reduce online donation transaction costs, simplify and promote ACH gifts, or access an all-in-one payment solution, FlexFormz has you covered.

In addition to our groundbreaking partnership with Stripe, FlexFormz now offers you the option of FlexFormzPay powered by Stax.

FlexFormzPay is a seamless payment solution designed to simplify your online donation process, reduce transaction fees, and streamline ACH transactions.

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Lower Transaction Fees

FlexFormzPay powered by Stax reduces your gift transaction fee to just 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for Visa, MasterCard, Discover … even American Express. Coupled with FlexFormz zero cost platform fee, your bottom line is the clear winner with every donation.

Easier ACH Transactions

You and your donors can say goodbye to complicated ACH verifications. With FlexFormzPay powered by Stax, ACH transactions are a seamless breeze, ensuring quick donations without friction for you and your donors. Simplify your donor’s experience with less complication and more confidence.

Quicker ACH Payments

Experience streamlined ACH donation payment processing that costs you less and delivers quicker results with FlexFormzPay powered by Stax. Improve cash flow and ensure predictable revenue through one-time payments and automated recurring ACH gifts.

FlexFormzPay is your all-in-one online payment solution.

Let’s simplify your 2024 online donation processing with FlexFormzPay powered by Stax. We’ll help you unlock a world of donation growth possibilities with a feature-rich, data-driven platform that produces more donations with less overhead — a net-net win for your nonprofit!

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Save with reduced transaction fees with every type of online donation

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Make ACH giving easy for your donors and improve your online income

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Improve recurring donation income from all digital donation types

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Empower, refine, and maximize online giving effectiveness with dynamic gift arrays

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Reduce staff time devoted to online donation problem solving

Simplify your donation processing with FlexFormzPay powered by Stax.

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Stax was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the BEST Credit Card Processor of 2023

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