Transparent, low transaction fees with no hidden cost

When you receive a FlexFormz donation processed by Stripe or via FlexFormzPay powered by Stax, you only pay a low processing fee. There are no hidden fees – one-time, monthly or ever – with FlexFormz!

Set Up Fee
Monthly or Service Fee


+$0.30 for all credit card transactions

2.9% + $0.30

0.8% with a $10 cap

Varies by contract


+$0.30 for most transactions

3.2% + $0.30


1% flat + 0.8% with a $5 cap

Varies by contract

Transaction percentage and per transaction fee represent TOTAL cost for processing donations.
That’s it!
Isn’t it time you made your online donation processing more effective, simple, and powerful?
How Do I Start

How do I start?

We would love to hear about your needs and the ways FlexFormz could potentially help you further your mission — so you can make an even greater impact.

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