It’s not often a revolutionary tool can have such an immediate impact. But this is just what you can expect when you see what Flexformz has for you! 

You can now give donors an easy-to-use gift catalog experience!  

Donors want to have access to their gift catalog choices the moment their heart is moved to give. But if their choices aren’t visible or if they can’t edit their selections while they’re still “shopping for gifts”, they will likely be discouraged and give up altogether . . .  


That’s where the FlexFormz Gift Catalog makes all the difference.  FlexFormz-Gift-Catalog.gif

Once a donor selects a gift from your online Gift Catalog, the FlexFormz floating widget appears on any page of your website. Your donors can see their cart at all times and can add, delete, or change it while still choosing gifts.  

When it’s time to send the gift, the FlexFormz Gift Catalog simply displays the form necessary to finalize the donation without losing the donor in the process.  

The FlexFormz Gift Catalog makes giving easier and more meaningful for your donors. . . which makes it easier for you to launch creative year-end campaigns. 

We can’t wait to hear all the ways this new tool will help you make an even greater difference. 

Questions? Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you configure your Gift Catalog for your campaigns.