Features and Benefits
Gift Options
Gift Designation Options
Gift Designation Options
Multiple Gift
Multiple Gift Designation Options
Tribute Memorial
Tribute/Memorial Giving Option
Premium Gift Option
Payment Options
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Thank You Options
Thank You Options@2x
Customizable Thank You Message

Donor Name, Donor Last Name, Donation Amount, Donation Type tokens

Detailed Receipt

On Thank You Page & Autoresponder Email

Donor Comments

On Thank You Page

Custom Messaging
Customizable Amounts and Frequency

One-Time Giving Only, Monthly Giving Only, or include both to let the donor choose

Customizable Donation Amount Buttons(with no limit)

Donation donate

Donation Descriptions on Buttons to show your donor how their gift will be used

Monthly Gift Encouragement Option

Contextual Giving Forms
5 Revolutionary Ways to Get More Donations
Full Page Forms
Optimized 1-Step Form
1 online platform for donations used by non-profit organizations
Optimized 2-Step Form
online platform for donations used by non-profit organizations
Technical Features
Token to Confirm Gift Amount on Send button
Responsive Design
Responsive Design
Google Tag
Google Tag Manager Tracking
Global By Form
Global or by Form Minimum Donation Amount
Email Opt In
Email Opt-in
Optional Transaction
Optional Transaction Fee Paid by Donor
Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel Tracking
Optional reCAPTCHA
Payments ├Źnstenos Dual-Factor Authentication
Donor Self Service
Donor Self-Service

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