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Here’s what’s new in release 1.7

Here’s what’s new in release 1.7

Releases / Updates August 15, 2019

CRM-Integrated ACH/Bank Transfer Donations!

FlexFormz now accepts ACH or bank transfer payments using Plaid for instant bank verification, which makes immediate donations possible. All that is required is a Plaid account (via plaid.com) that you will use to connect to FlexFormz and Stripe. ACH donations are still processed through Stripe and all the information will transfer to your CRM, just as your current credit card payments do. Once you set up and connect your Plaid account You can activate the ACH payment option individually for each of your FlexFormz.

Now You Can Set a Minimum Donation Amount

By default, the FlexFormz plugin allows a donation minimum as low as $0.01. You can now add a custom global default donation minimum that will apply to ALL of your FlexFormz. You can also set a minimum on a specific form in the individual form settings. If you choose the specific form option it will override the global default depending on your campaign goals.

Additional Feature Enhancements

  • Transaction List – you can now view a list of gift transactions within the FlexFormz Dashboard.
  • Subscription (Recurring Donation) Controls – You can view a list of your recurring gifts as well as update the source, designation, and amount on recurring gifts.
  • Credit Card Error Notifications – You can activate the option to receive email notifications whenever Stripe identifies a donor credit card error.

FlexFormz keep getting better for you!

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