1.6.0: Now even more powerful & flexible!

1.6.0: Now even more powerful & flexible!

Releases / Updates July 2, 2019

Here are highlights of the latest FlexFormz release.

The 3 Leading Express Transaction Tools: Now Integrated!

The FlexFormz WordPress plugin now includes express donate options for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. This allows your donors to bypass the tedium of form fields when they make their gift … AND you will still receive all of their essential information in your CRM! You may activate this option on some or all of your FlexFormz. It’s flexible and in your control.

Google Tag Manager eCommerce Tracking Now Enabled

Adding in your GTM Container ID and configuring your Google Analytics account now allows you to receive all FlexFormz transactions in the eCommerce section of your website analytics. You will be able to see total revenue, conversion rate, number of transactions, average gift, and donations by the campaign. New in 1.6.0!

Additional Feature Enhancements Include:

  • Support for Facebook Pixel
  • Added control over tribute giving communication
  • Banner alert for FlexFormz in test mode
  • Minor visual enhancements

FlexFormz: Even better every month!

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