Helpful new features included in this landmark release:

  • You can now specify different suggested gift amounts based on different frequencies! For example, your first button might be $50 for a single gift, but $25 if it is a monthly gift. This will help you to increase your monthly donors, by reducing the suggested amount for monthly donations to match your donor giving metrics.
  • The SmartyStreets and Thank You Comment add-ons are now a part of the core FlexFormz plugin. This will help reduce the number of pieces you need to install and keep updated.
  • You can now select a Default Country for a specific form. If you have a campaign targeted to a location outside the US you can now default to that specific country.
  • Inline Forms now have the option to be transparent, giving you more flexibility to insert these forms on color backgrounds and on dark mode pages.

The biggest difference is the power behind version 2.0.0:

The FlexFormz WordPress plugin is now powered by Vue.js, an open-source JavaScript framework that features an adaptable architecture that focuses on declarative rendering and component composition. How does that translate for you, the end-user? This directly impacts the efficiency of the WordPress plugin, making page rendering even faster, and improving application performance.

You will also notice a streamlined WordPress Dashboard interface for FlexFormz. We keep working to add more features and more power to help you optimize giving effectiveness. What could be more important in the COVID-19 era of online fundraising?

FlexFormz optimizes your online income!