Now You Can Customize Thank-You Email Autoresponders by Campaign

Now You Can Customize Thank-You Email Autoresponders by Campaign

Releases / Updates April 16, 2021

FlexFormz was designed, from the ground up, to deliver post-donation email thank-you messages immediately and accurately. You were able to set a default Autoresponder for each type of transaction (One-time, Monthly, Tribute, etcetera). In the latest FlexFormz update, we’ve given you the ability to customize any email gift acknowledgments by the campaign. This added level of personalization will enhance your opportunities for additional donations.

As always, when your donors complete an online donation gift, FlexFormz will automatically send your thank-you message via an email autoresponder. You may continue to use the default version of the message with its suggested text, or you can edit the content to remove or add text information, links, and so on. And now you can have a unique message for every campaign!

Custom Email Notifications

FlexFormz offers you many types of notifications. You can now customize the ones you want to receive.

This makes it easy for you to keep your organization’s finance or accounting team up to date on your donations, as they can be directly notified by FlexFormz when a donation is made.

New Options for Encouraging Monthly Giving

Monthly donations have been an important part of nonprofit fundraising for decades and will continue to be in the future. Besides providing your organization the peace of mind that comes with reliable revenue, recurring donors also tend to be much more likely to be retained year over year – and their lifetime value typically exceeds single-gift donors.

Keeping that in mind, FlexFormz 2.7.0 expands the effectiveness of one of our key features, the “Monthly Reminder” now offers 3 ways of suggesting the donor upgrade their transaction to a recurring gift. Here is how to find them:

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