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  • Increase Online Giving
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Provide More Giving Opportunities
  • Watch your online giving grow by 25%, 50%, even 100%
  • Integrate with Your Database
  • No Setup Fees or Recurring Flat Fees
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Why FlexFormz?

Now your donors can give without clicking through to another page! Contextual giving is powerful.

A FlexFormz can be placed anywhere on your WordPress website. Offer your donors the chance to give within context of what they are reading or responding to without ever leaving the page – cut abandonment dramatically

Cutting Edge Payment Options

FlexFormz with Stripe payment processing offers your donors a wide range of state-of-the-art giving options s. From Apple Pay to instant, authenticated bank account payments, your donors will save time and you will gain income by making it as easy as possible to give.

Custom and Easy to Build Forms

FlexFormz are built with a state-of-the-art WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add and customize forms. If you know how to use WordPress, you know how to use FlexFormz.

Control without Commitments

FlexFormz have NO setup fees, NO monthly fees, NO annual fees. The only fees that apply are a result of your nonprofit organization generating more revenue with FlexFormz.


5 Revolutionary Ways to Get More Donations

Now you can get donations from anywhere on your website. In addition to classic full-page forms, FlexFormz gives you 5 innovative form types to expand your online donation options … and income!

Sit on top of any web page
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Can go left or right on any web page
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Mini Forms provide immediate one-click giving options with a blank or suggested amount input field.
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Can be placed in the middle of web page content
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Can be placed virtually anywhere on your website
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Beautiful Reports with Real-Time Results

Your FlexFormz Dashboard connects your FlexFormz WordPress plugin to your Stripe account and integrated CRM. The dashboard includes next-generation reporting that is visual, customizable, and comprehensive. You can also view and edit individual transactions, monthly donations and premium gifts. The dashboard allows you to customize notifications and autoresponders that your donors will receive. FlexFormz is the future of online fundraising!

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